Vince Bierworth and Mike Judson

We are excited to put our names forward to join the Juke Box Heroes challenge to raise funds for CCRC (Community Counselling and Resource Centre). All funds raised will go toward preventing homelessness and supporting other services of CCRC.

We chose to focus our team's donations toward CCRC's Housing Resource Centre, which helps people who are experiencing housing instability, because this is the issue that is nearest and dearest to our hearts. Funds raised through Juke Box heroes will go to support people like Jeff.

Jeff was a 28-year-old young man, unemployed and still living with his ex-partner Stacy in a rented apartment. Stacy was no longer able to pay for Jeff's half of the rent so Jeff ended up moving out. This was a very difficult time for Jeff. Due to a low vacancy rate in Peterborough, he was not able to find a new place to live, so ended up living in a motel for a short period of time until he could no longer afford it. Due to a workplace injury, Jeff and was unable to secure a full time job, so after running out of money, he eventually ended up on homeless.

Jeff came to CCRC for assistance and was connected with a Housing Counselor. CCRC worked diligently to find Jeff a home. During the process Jeff told the Housing Counsellor, “You are like an angel in my pocket.” CCRC managed to help Jeff secure an affordable unit. Unfortunately shortly after he was settled into his new house, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Jeff passed away a few months after, while fighting his disease. Several days after his passing CCRC got a phone call from one of Jeff's friends who wanted to share that CCRC had given Jeff the dignity of having a place to call home in the last days of his life.

*Names and story details have been changed to maintain anonymity of CCRC Clients*

Please sponsor us to help us reach our goal by Friday, April 27th, when we hope to win the title of Juke Box Heroes!

*All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt from CCRC*

Goal $ 1,000.00
32% towards our goal
$ 320.00 raised
Cloudy Ramsay
$ 100.00
Sandy Garvey
$ 25.00
Lauren Newbury
$ 50.00
$ 25.00
Barb Busche
$ 100.00
Sandy Garvey
$ 10.00
The Garvey Fur Babies
Sandy Garvey
$ 10.00
With Thanks from Merlin.

Mike Judson and Vince Bierworth are teaming up to compete for the title of Juke Box Heroes! Support their team by clicking below.