Take Note - Alicia Doris and Bob Campbell

Each spring, our family and friends have participated in one of the most fun events of the year in Peterborough. CCRC’s Juke Box Mania. We look forward to challenging our memory and talents to listen to some great music and perhaps be the overall winner of the Juke Box contest. Alas, that prize has eluded us up till now. Maybe this year!!

The evening is fun and a great way to spend time with our family, friends and colleagues.

We do it also to support a wonderful and caring agency in CCRC (Community Counselling and Resource Centre). CCRC is unique in that we are a multi service agency that provides much needed help to people in our community. As a current Board Member (Alicia) and Past Chair of the Board (Bob), we have had the privilege to represent Casey Ready, her managers and staff, so that they could provide family counselling, credit counselling and housing resources to thousands of individuals and families. This is both challenging and rewarding.

Juke Box Mania is the one fundraising event for CCRC and we are happy to support it.

Please help us, as Juke Box Heroes, to raise money so that this agency, this staff can continue its dedicated work. We're engaged in some friendly competition here and have named our team "Take Note!" Certainly, the reference to music and the theme of the event is strong. But more importantly, we hope that in becoming Juke Box Heroes, we will help to raise awareness of the work of CCRC and how it really does support community members in turning things around. As strong supporters of this organization, we ask that you "Take Note!" of its incredible contribution to our community.

Thank you.

Bob Campbell , Past Chair of the Board of Directors and Alicia Doris, CCRC Board Member

*All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt from CCRC*

Goal $ 1,000.00
55% towards our goal
$ 550.00 raised
$ 200.00
Thank you Alicia and Bob! Go team!
Lori Richey
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
Angela VandenBroek
$ 25.00
$ 50.00
Todd Barr
$ 25.00
$ 150.00
Alex And Bridget
$ 50.00

We have decided to put our team's support behind CCRC's Professional Counselling program, because their counsellors help their clients as partners in creating the positive change people want and need in their lives. Our support for this program will help to support people like Macy.

Macy was the victim of an abusive relationship. The evidence of the abuse was visibly seen on her; she had bruises left as reminders of what had happened. Macy was also clearly suffering emotional side-effects of an abusive relationship at the time. Macy couldn’t even look another person in the eyes. So Macy went to CCRC looking for counselling and support.

Over the course of a few months, Macy began to slowly change. The counselling services she received helped restore her confidence. In the last counselling session she was wearing lipstick, and made eye contact with anyone she met.

To Macy, lipstick was the symbolism of confidence and of surviving. Macy overcame an abusive relationship, and with the help of CCRC and lots of personal work, was able to move forward and recognize her inner power and beauty. Those who knew her knew the power behind that lipstick.

*Names and story details have been changed to maintain anonymity of CCRC Clients*